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The hydrolats NAJEL

NAJEL's hydrolats, what are they?


What is a hydrolat?

A hydrolat is an aromatic water which is obtained from distilled plant or flower. The distilled part is an essential oil, and the residual water is the hydrolat.

There are no differences between a hydrolat and a floral water because a floral water is simply a hydrolat of a flower.


What hydrolats are for?

The hydrolats offers multiple uses to take care of your face.

It is different from essential oil because the hydrolat is gentle and perfectly adapted for pregnant women or children.

You can use one in the morning instead of water to softly clean and awake your skin.

The hydrolat will tonify your face and brings all its virtues before applying your daily skincare.

Repeat this action in the evening to clear your face of all impurities from the day and without drying nor damaging the skin before applying your night care.

The hydrolats are also excellent as make-up remover and even more when they are combined with a plant oil.

The hydrolat is applied with a cotton pad on the face and the neck, without rinse.


How to choose the right hydrolat?

Plants and flowers are reputed for their different benefits on skin types. Najel is guiding you to find the hydrolat that matches your needs.


Suitable for all skin types, this hydrolat has astringent properties that tighten your pores. Its soothing virtues help to reduce redness and irritations.

Known as a symbol of regeneration, the organic Damascus rose floral water has anti-aging properties and gives more elasticity to the skin. This hydrolat leaves a fresh and glowing skin.

Antioxidant, the Najel’s olive leaves hydrolat can be used in the morning and at night on the face and neck. It permits to detoxify the skin and reduces the first signs of aging. The olive leaves hydrolat is particularly recommended for delicate skins for its soothing and calming effects.


The orange blossom floral water is perfect as make-up remover alone or with a plant oil.

It is suitable for all skin types and leaves a soft and fresh face with a sweet and floral smell.

The organic orange blossom hydrolat is known to relax and calm the skin and gives freshness and a radiant complexion. It is particularly recommended to use at night before applying its night care especially for the most sensitive skins.


This toner is better to use in the morning to awake the skin et clean it of all impurities from the night. For combination to oily skin, the lemon purifies the skin and helps to reduce imperfections and eliminates blackheads. The aloe vera is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties that also help to remove imperfections and redness for a glowing complexion and a perfectly smooth skin.

Now, hydrolats don’t have any more secrets for you!


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