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Protection of origin of Aleppo soap



Why is our Aleppo soap unique?

Aleppo Soap is subject to protection of geographical indication under Syrian law no. 8 section 2 of 06.03.2007. A decree covering the logo and a geographical indication was passed under no. 9134 of 05.10.2011. Protection of the geographical indication means that the name and location of manufacture are protected. Any soap named Aleppo Soap must be made in Aleppo agglomeration. The Syrian government defined 4 regions for Ghar soap (laurel soap): Aleppo, Edleb, Lattakia, Kessab.

In Syria, manufacturers call the Aleppo Soap, Ghar soap (laurel soap) as soon as the soap is made of olive oil and laurel berry oil even if it is made outside the city of Aleppo. We are the fervent protectors of the artisanal and ancestral know-how of the masters soap makers of Aleppo. Our Aleppo soaps are authentic because they are truly made in Aleppo according to the ancestral recipe and the specifications in force for this designation. Here, the word "recipe" takes on its full meaning because the masters soap makers "cook" the Aleppo soap, a two-day cooking in a cauldron.

In order to use the designation "Aleppo Soap", manufacturers must respect a very precise standard, stipulating the raw materials allowed and the manufacturing process to be respected:

  • Place of manufacture: Aleppo and its agglomeration
  • Only allowed ingredients: Non-food olive oil, bay laurel oil, caustic for the saponification of oils and water: And that's it!
  • The saponification of the oils is made by a hot process and in the traditional way in a cooking cauldron

A "PDO": Protected Designation of Origin was signed by the Syrian Ministry of Economy in 2016.

The hot saponification process requires special know-how and appropriate industrial facilities. This manufacturing process allows a total saponification of the oils and eliminates the excess of caustic unlike a cold saponification. It also allows to keep all the virtues of the oils.

An Aleppo soap must be made in Aleppo just as champagne is made in the northeastern region of France, Champagne, and not in California.

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