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Raw shea butter: the origins of this product
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NAJEL raw shea butter



The shea is the tree on which shea nuts are growing. They are used to make the shea butter.

This tree is only growing in 21 countries of Africa, our shea butter comes from a cooperative in Ghana.

Women are exclusively working at the harvest and the making of the shea butter because this tree is considerate sacred, and women are the only one who can come close. These women have a unique ancestral know-how, this is also why shea is called “women’s gold”.



After the nuts harvest from June to September, those are shelled to only keep the almond inside.

Those almonds are then manually pressed to extract the oil which will become shea butter when it hardens.

Our NAJEL shea butter enjoys the expertise of Ghanaian because it is hand-made according to ancestral methods.

A raw shea butter is recognizable thanks to its yellowy color and its delicious smell.


The NAJEL shea butter is organic certified. Nothing is added to keep intact all its properties.

The fact that it is organic protect the soils and Ghanaians’ health and the users of this shea butter.



Properties and use

The shea butter has numerous benefits and can be use for diverse uses.

  • Moisturizes of all the body from head to toes
  • Helps the healing of small wounds and stings
  • It protects the lips from coldness
  • In mask for hair: to moisturize et nourish dry hair but also to protect …
  • The shea butter can be used after shaving or waxing to calm irritated skin
  • It helps reduce the 1st sign of aging
  • It is an 100% natural moisturizer ideal for babies’ skin
  • The NAJEL raw shea butter is also an ally for pregnant women because it helps soften the skin et gives elasticity to prevent stretch marks.


Ideal for all, no matter the age, the type of hair or skin, everyone can find a use for shea butter!

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