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The Laboratoire NAJJAR is committed to providing its customers with products which have simple, straightforward formulas made from carefully selected raw materials. The ingredients, inspired by oriental tradition, are the guiding factors in the creation of its cosmetics. Olive oil and bay laurel oil, which are the components of genuine Aleppo soap, the flagship product of the NAJEL brand, are the common ingredients of the whole beauty care range.

These products, whose formulas are developed in compliance with the specifications set out by the Cosmos standard, are made from natural and organically certified ingredients, to guarantee you safe, effective products while at the same time protecting the environment. The Cosmébio labels guarantee this commitment.



The Laboratoire NAJJAR has full control over its entire production process: from the choice of raw materials and the development of formulas through to commercialization, including production, packaging and labeling. As a producer, the Laboratoire NAJJAR works without any intermediary and so can guarantee perfect traceability and a commitment to quality.



While genuine Aleppo soap is the result of a centuries-old tradition within the NAJJAR family, it is also the inspiration behind the entire NAJEL beauty care range. As experts in soap making, the creation of the Laboratoire NAJJAR was an obvious next step.
Our formulators, who are constantly researching new organically certified formulas, develop innovative and 100% natural care products in the Laboratoire NAJJAR under the NAJEL brand. We also offer custom manufacturing of your cosmetic products, either under white label or under private label, from the study and development of the formula to its commercialization, including production and packaging.
With a production capacity of eight tons per day, we are able to manufacture in small and medium runs. The Laboratoire NAJJAR proposes products derived from saponification, emulsions, aqueous and oily mixtures, exfoliants ....
Our equipment consists of six packaging lines and two labeling lines, allowing us to handle the entire chain of production.


Our choice for the Laboratoire NAJJAR to control the entire production chain of a cosmetic product means our customers have a guarantee of traceability from the creation of the formula to its commercialization. We ensure de facto: the formulation, the choice of ingredients, the manufacturing process (in compliance with the hygiene and quality standards and specifications of our certification body Ecocert Greenlife), packaging and labeling, as well as all the necessary checks prior to launching the product on the market.

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