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Laboratoire NAJJAR

From the formula to the market place

If genuine Aleppo Soap is the fruit of a centuries-old tradition within the NAJJAR family, it is also the inspiration for the whole range of NAJEL care products.

Growing interest from consumers in natural and organic cosmetic products has motivated our desire to develop our own cosmetics and create our own laboratory, the Laboratoire NAJJAR, for formulation and packaging.



Our formulation chemists are constantly looking for new organically certified formulas, and develop innovative and 100% natural beauty care products under the brand NAJEL within the Laboratoire NAJJAR. We also offer cosmetics with a blank label or a private brand, from the research and development of the formula, to its manufacturing, packaging and product launch.

With a daily production capacity of two tons, we are able to manufacture in small to medium quantities. The Laboratoire NAJJAR offers products derived from saponification, emulsions, oily or aqueous mixtures, scrubs etc.



Our equipment consists of 5 packaging lines and of 2 labeling lines, allowing us to manage the whole production chain. We can offer custom packaging and labeling of your cosmetics.

Laboratoire NAJJAR's decision to control the whole development chain for its cosmetic products ensures a perfect traceability from the development of the formula to the product launch. We ensure in this way: the formulation, the choice of raw materials, the manufacturing process in compliance with the standards of hygiene and quality and the charter of our certifying body, Ecocert Greenlife, the packaging and labeling as well testing before the product is put on the market.

In this way, we develop products with simple formulas from raw materials that are chosen with the utmost care. As both a manufacturer and distributor of its own cosmetics, Laboratoire NAJJAR offers cosmetic care products with the guarantee of perfect traceability and which are excellent value for money.


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