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Tiare flower and Tahiti Monoi secrets

Tiare flower and Tahiti Monoi secrets


The Tiare flower also called Tiare Tahiti has many benefits, it is used by Tahitian to heal the daily such as migraines, hitching or insects’ bites.

The Tiare flower is also known in Tahiti for its cosmetics and beauty care virtues like the coconut oil. This way, the combination of the two offers a natural miraculous care for the body, face, and hair.

The flowers are macerating in copra oil (oil extracted from dry coconut pulp) to obtain an oily substance deliciously melting on the skin with a sweet fragrance, this is how we obtain the famous Tahiti Monoi.

This year, it has been 30 years that the Tahiti Monoi has a protected designation of origin (we can find it under the written form Monoï de Tahiti AO). This is the full mention that is protected and not only monoi so you can find a monoi that is not from Tahiti.

Najel’s Tahiti Monoi has this label to certify its origin and its quality.


All the benefits of Tahiti Monoi


  • For the body:

Moisturizing and nourishing, Tahiti Monoi can be used in summer like in winter!

In summer, it is ideal as an after-sun care to moisturize and avoid its dryness and it will help to extend the suntan.

Caution: Tahiti Monoi does not protect from UV and therefore is not adapted as a sunscreen care.

With its nourishing properties, Tahiti Monoi protects the skin from external aggression and is a true ally for the skin against cracked skin caused by the cold. This soft care is suitable for all skin types.

Apply it on your skin to enjoy all its benefits while perfuming your body is a delicate flower scent that transports you in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the beautiful Tahiti Island.


  • For the hair:

To give strongness and brightness to your hair, apply the monoi on your hair as a mask before doing your shampoo. Leave it for 30 minutes under a cap or a towel before washing your hair with your shampoo. Your hair is moisturized from the scalp to the tip and the Tahiti Monoi helps to repair and reduce the apparition of split end.


Tahiti Monoi is an ally for the wavy, curly, and frizzy hair. It helps to redesign the curls. Use it as a styling on wet hair after your shampoo or on your dry hair for more bouncy and moisturized curls.


Want to try it? Discover now Najel’s Tahiti Monoi!

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