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Najel's facial beauty routine

Najel's facial beauty routine


Our Christmas competition continues and Najel brings you a skincare routine that will leave your face looking radiant every day!

Here are all our tips and tricks on how to get the best from Najel skincare products. The facial beauty routine is made up of an intensive moisturizing cream, made in France in the Najjar laboratory, an olive leaves hydrolate which is a gentle antioxidant and apricot oil to restore your skin's natural glow. Make this routine an integral part of your daily skin care for a beautiful, glowing complexion.

1. The toner

After cleansing your face, protect your skin with Najel Olive Leaves Hydrolate. It is a powerful antioxidant that will neutralize free radicals and detoxify and soothe the delicate skin on your face. Using a hydrolate after cleansing removes any chalky residue left by water and tones your skin before moisturizing. Use undiluted, preferably in the morning with a cotton pad.

2. The complexion illuminator

If you feel your skin needs a little boost, the oil of apricot kernels is the answer! It will leave your complexion looking radiant, whilst regenerating and moisturizing your skin. In the morning, it can be used as a base for your day cream. Apply to your face, undiluted or with a dash of jojoba oil, massaging gently to improve absorption. A natural and organic skin care treatment which will naturally illuminate your face!

3. The moisturizer

Hydration is an important step, not to be forgotten! The skin on your face is thinner, more sensitive and more exposed to harsh external elements. Najel Moisture Intensive Cream contains 3 organic butters (olive, shea and apricot), each with strong nourishing properties to ensure your skin feels good all day long. Moisturize your skin morning and evening, more if you feel your skin needs it ( if it is red, feeling tight ...). This is the essential care product for wonderfully nourished skin!

So, ready to embrace a new skincare routine?

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