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Charcoal, an active ingredient that purifies!

Charcoal, an active ingredient that purifies!


Aleppo Soap with Organic Plant Charcoal is Najel’s new flagship product of October. Due to its many attributes, charcoal is becoming more and more popular in cosmetics. Here Najel will tell you all you need to know about this ingredient, increasingly found in the formulation of our daily skincare products!


What is plant charcoal?

Plant charcoal is obtained by calcination or carbonization at high temperature (600°C) of coconuts, wood or fruit kernels .... In Najel’s organic plant charcoal soap, it comes from the calcination of Amla, the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree. Charcoal is a black powder resulting from a safe, 100% natural process. Najel Soap with Organic Plant Charcoal is made by adding organic plant charcoal powder to shavings of traditional Aleppo soap.


Why is Aleppo soap with charcoal good for you?

Charcoal is known for its purifying powers. It acts as your detox partner, to rid your skin of all impurities (stress, pollution, toxins). It has amazing absorption powers and works as a magnet retaining impurities to make your skin healthier. Aleppo soap, made from select oils (olive oil and bay laurel oil), cleanses skin whilst, at the same time, protecting it from irritants. It sanitizes and purifies skin gently and without aggression.


For which skin types?

Najel Soap with Organic Plant Charcoal is recommended for the care of skin that is prone to acne because it regulates excess sebum. Day by day, it rebalances oily skin to smooth the complexion. Often used for facial care, but also good for cleansing your body and hair.


The beneficial effects of charcoal on skin are undeniable. Don't wait a minute longer to try it for yourself with Najel’s organic plant charcoal soap!

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