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A gentle wake up with Najel

A gentle wake-up with Najel



The wake-up is often a hard time. Yet, a morning routine can help to start the day in a good mood. Najel gives you all its tips for a gentle wake up in beauty to spend a good day.

Prepare a good wake up before bedtime

Slow and steady wins the race” the lines of La Fontaine will be your leitmotiv of the morning. To take your time and avoid a tough wake up, set the alarm time to let you one hour to get ready in the morning.

We won’t repeat it enough, the main thing is to anticipate! Choosing your clothes the day before in checking the weather is a great time saver. It is a few choice to make and time saved.

Listen to your body and go to sleep at the first signs of tiredness. Itchy eyes, yawning and heavy eyelids are a lot of signs that shows it is bedtime. In fighting these signs, you delay the sleep onset.

For a restful sleep for the mind and the skin, adopt a daily beauty routine in the evening. It starts by a make-up remover and a facial cleansing before bedtime. The Orange blossom water combining with Jojoba oil is perfect for a soothing and effective make-up remover. This step is really important, don’t forget it! Then, clean your skin with an Aleppo soap suitable for your skin type.

For more details about this essential step, find out the Najel article “Najel’s Daily Beauty Routine”

Take care of your skin while sleeping

The night is the best time to take care of the skin. At night, skin is less subjected in external aggressions such as pollution, toxins, stress… Then, it takes the opportunity to regenerate on its own while the body rests. To boost cell renewal, apply Najel argan oil before bedtime. This oil is a precious ally for cell renewal with its high level in vitamin E and essential fatty acid. Take advantage of the night to nourish intensely your skin and have an embellished complexion when you wake up.

Wake up

One of the most difficult time of the day begins… the alarm is ringing. First of all, banish from your mind the need to postpone the alarm. Take your time to stretch to wake up muscles and activate blood circulation. Then, get up slowly with no rush and let the daylight enter : it shows to your body that it is time to wake up.


A good breakfast

The breakfast is a very important step. It has to be a moment of pleasure so it is important to spend time for it. Before having breakfast, don’t forget to drink a big glass of water to rehydrate your body.


Do some sport

If you have some time, take this opportunity to do some exercise. You have a lot of choices: yoga, walk, qigong… There are a lot of videos and apps to motivate and guide you. Doing physical exercise in the morning is good to activate the blood circulation and energize your body.

Avoid intense physical activities! The body is waking up so you need to begin slowly to avoid injuries.

Morning beauty routine : in the bathroom

In the morning, apply a hydrolate suitable for your skin type. Then, don’t forget to moisturize your skin with a moisturizing cream if you make-up : it is fluid and spreads easily on the skin. Otherwise, choose a plant oil. The Apricot oil is a care that restores complexion even the most tired, dull one. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with Najel lip balms!

Start your day on the right foot!

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