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Ghassoul clay powder

Cosmos Natural

All skin types - 5.3 oz

Face, body & hair

Weight: 5.3 oz

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The Moroccan lava clay is renowned for its various properties: it’s absorbent, adsorbent, purifying, cleaning and removes impurities.

Suitable for all skin types even the most sensitives ones, the ghassoul (or rhassoul) helps to regulate sebum secretions, removes impurities and blackhead and tightened pores without being irritant for the skin.

Especially recommended for oily skins with imperfections, the ghassoul absorbs sebum excess and removes all impurities. The skin is detoxified, smooth and without any imperfection.

Also used as hair mask or as a shampoo, the ghassoul is efficient for all types of hair. It degreases and detoxifies the scalp of greasy hair. The sensitives scalps are calmed and eliminates dandruff. The rhassoul is also recognized to give more volume to thin hair.


100% du total est d’origine naturelle / 100% natural origin of total.

Cosmos Natural certifié par Ecocert Greenlife selon le référentiel Cosmos disponible sur http://cosmos.ecocert.com / Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Cosmos Standard available at http://cosmos.ecocert.com.


Made in Morocco

For the face:

Mix 1 tablespoon of rhassoul with 3 tablespoons of water to form a fluid paste. For an even more efficient mask, replace water by a hydrolat or add a few drops of plant oil. Leaves the mask 10 to 15 min then rinse with water.


For the hair:

As a mask for all types of hair.

Form a clay paste by mixing ghassoul with water to obtain a homogeneous paste to apply on the scalp and hairline. Leave for 15 min and rinse.

The ghassoul can also be used to space out shampoos. Instead of the usual shampoo, apply the ghassoul paste, rub your hair like with a classical shampoo then rinse. All impurities are absorbed, and the scalp is clean.

The ghassoul is a volcanic clay extracted from the Middle-Atlas in Morocco. It’s the only place known for ghassoul deposit.

This brown clay is well-known for its oriental beauty rituals, especially in hammams scrubbing. It’s also the principal ingredient of numerous hair and skin cares.

Used for centuries by oriental women, this powder naturally rich in minerals is recognized for its cleaning and purifying virtues. Efficient for the body, the face and hair, the ghassoul powder is a true essential to have in its bathroom.

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