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Dead sea mud

Cosmos Natural

Regenerating mask - 10.6 oz

Face, body & hair

Weight: 10.6 oz



Ref. C-BOU09NJ/6

EAN13 3760061223783

Formed from sediments in the Dead Sea, Dead Sea mud has been popular since Antiquity. This black mud is deposited naturally along the sea shore. Revitalising, it plays an essential role in skin care.

NAJEL offers you this black mud, with its many virtues, in its purest form!

Dead Sea mud is well-known for its effective treatment and prevention of many infections such as psoriasis, acne and rheumatism, and is widely used in therapeutic treatments.

It is recommended for treating the face and neck. Applied as a mask, it refines and smoothes the grain of the skin. Your skin is regenerated and softened. Dead Sea mud can also be used on the hair. Applied as a mask, it eliminates all the impurities caused by environmental factors and helps to purify the scalp and make it less greasy.

Precautions: mix before use, there may be some overlying liquid. Apply to the areas to be treated, leave for 20 minutes (adapt the time to your skin type) then rinse thoroughly with water.


Packed in a natural satin PP pot with a lid and seal.

Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Cosmos standard available at http://cosmos.ecocert.com



100% natural origin of total. Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Cosmos Standard available at http://cosmos.ecocert.com

Made in Jordan

NAJEL Dead Sea mud is recommended for the face and neck. It may also be used on hair.

For a face mask, apply it uniformly to the face, leave for up to 20 minutes (adapt the time to your skin type) then rinse thoroughly.

On the body, Dead Sea mud improves the skin’s appearance, tones and softens it. Apply the mud to the whole body and follow the same usage precautions as for the face mask. Finally, apply a body milk or plant oil to nourish the skin.

Used as a hair mask, it purifies and rebalances the scalp to make it less greasy. Apply the mud to the scalp and hair and massage gently with the fingertips. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse with warm water only – no soap or shampoo.

Useful tip: Dead Sea mud can also be applied as a poultice to relieve painful joints. Warm the mud in a bain-marie and apply it around the painful joints. Cover the treated area with cellophane film to keep in the warmth then rinse after 20 minutes.

Situated on the border between Israel, the West Bank and Jordan, the Dead Sea contains over 25 % salt, compared to the other seas and oceans on the planet which contain around 5 %. The basin that bears its name is over 400 metres below sea level, the lowest elevation on Earth.

The high concentration of salt in its water means that no animal or plant life can develop there. However, the mineral salts that it contains are an extraordinary source of benefits for the skin and the organism. 

Formed from sediments in the Dead Sea, the mud from the Dead Sea is deposited naturally along its shores. This revitalising black mud has been popular since Antiquity and is essential to skin care. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was already taking mud baths in the Dead Sea to maintain her radiant complexion.

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