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Anti-cellulite brush




Ref. BRO02NJ/0

EAN13 3760061222878

Anti-cellulite brush


The NAJEL anti-cellulite brush is ideal for a firming and relaxing massage.

It stimulates blood circulation, encourages the elimination of toxins and slows cellulite formation.

Recommended for daily use, the anti-cellulite brush should be used in the shower working in strong circular movements over the massage area. Use an upward movement.


Presented in a plastic film wrap.



Composition: chinese honey wood, vernis, élastomère thermoplastique. Botanic name: Schima Superba (Bois de Guger).
Handle: coton. 

Origin China

Recommended for daily use, the anti-cellulite brush is best used in the shower. Work in circular movements over the area to be massaged, always working upwards with steady but not excessive pressure.

You can also use it outside the shower, first applying an oil or body milk. The result is the same and your skin is moisturised deep down.

For a visible result, we recommend carrying out this massage on a daily basis on the area to be treated.

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