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Aleppo soap 40% BLO - 6.5 oz


Sensitive and easily irritated skin

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Aleppo Soap 40 % BLO 

6.5 oz (product subject to drying)

Aleppo Soap is obtained by hot process saponification of 100 % olive oil and bay laurel oil. 

This Aleppo Soap, which is extremely rich in bay laurel oil, is perfectly suited to soothe skin problems. Najel Aleppo Soap 40 % brings a whole array of beneficial effects to very sensitive and reactive skin types.

Aleppo Soap is often recommended by dermatologists. It is considered as an emollient soap because bay laurel oil is added at the end of the saponification process. This completely natural soap is recognized to be an effective treatment for problem skin.

HBL : Bay laurel oil