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Aleppo Soap with Organic Charcoal - 3.5 oz


Purifying soap

Olive and bay laurel oils

3.5 oz

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Aleppo Soap with Organic Charcoal

Face, body & hair

3.5 oz (product subject to drying)

This soap combines the Syrian ancestral know-how of Aleppo soap making with the virtues of organic plant charcoal, which comes from Amla, the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree. Charcoal has high adsorption qualities: the finer the powder, the better its adsorption qualities. It acts as a magnet, retaining all the skin’s impurities (pollutants, toxins, excess sebum...). Composed of olive oil and bay laurel oil, Najel Soap with Organic Plant Charcoal will cleanse, detoxify and revitalize your skin. It is a purifying treatment that will leave your complexion looking younger and brighter.