The rose-scented beauty routine 

Najel's Christmas competition ends in style with Najel's rose-based care products!

This final beauty routine includes an Aleppo soap with organic Damascus rose water, a liquid Aleppo soap scented with rose for efficient yet sensory cleansing, a Damascus rose water, a toner which firms skin, and a rose-scented body lotion, one of Najel's latest additions from the Najjar laboratory. Rejuvenate your skin with Najel rose-based care products for healthy, delicately scented skin.

1. The cleansers

Aleppo soaps are perfect for washing not only your face but also your body and hair! Najel combines the queen of flowers with Aleppo soap to cleanse skin without damaging and give it a sweet floral scent. Liquid Aleppo soap with the natural scent of rose is designed to use in the shower on your face, body and hair. You'll love the traditional Aleppo soap for its authenticity and the liquid Aleppo soap for its “Made in France” label.

2. The toner

Pour tonifier et purifier votre peau, optez pour la fraîcheur et la légèreté de l’eau florale de rose de Damas. À utiliser de préférence le matin, elle est reconnue pour ses propriétés raffermissantes et anti-âges. Son action calmante apaise naturellement les rougeurs et irritations du visage. Appliquer de l’eau florale de rose de Damas sur le visage et le cou à l’aide d'un coton. Son parfum enivrant ravira les nostalgiques du printemps.

To tone and purify your skin, opt for refreshing and delicate Damascus rose water. Best used in the morning, it is renowned for its firming and anti-aging properties. Its soothing effects naturally alleviate any redness and irritations on the face. Apply Damascus rose water to the face and neck with a cotton pad.

3. The moisturizer

For the finishing touch to your beauty routine, moisturize your skin with rose-scented body lotion. The scents in Najel's skincare products are created entirely from natural extracts. In addition to its enchanting fragrance, this body lotion is a highly nourishing organic care product thanks to its concentration of moisturizing active ingredients: shea butter, sweet almond oil and chamomile floral water. Apply to your whole body for a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Indulge in the delicate rose scent of Najel skincare with this Najel beauty routine!