The Detox Care Routine


The Christmas competition continues with Najel now bringing you a detox beauty routine to leave your skin looking radiant!

Here are all our tips and tricks on how to make the most of Najel's skincare products. The detox beauty routine includes an Aleppo soap with organic plant charcoal, made with the ancestral know-how of Syrian master-soap makers, a hydrolate with lemon and aloe vera, a cleansing toner and a moisturizing cream to nourish the skin. As your skin is subjected to stress and strains on a daily basis, you need to use focussed care treatments to detoxify it properly. Follow the Najel detox routine to leave your skin cleansed deep down, each and every day!

1. The Cleanser

A thorough cleansing is essential to remove pollution-related impurities, toxins, excess sebum etc. Aleppo soap with organic plant charcoal lets you cleanse and purify your skin deep down. Aleppo soap, known for its cleansing properties, washes gently without damaging. As for charcoal, it acts as a magnet that retains any impurities in the skin. Although recommended for combination to oily skin, this soap can actually be used for all skin types. For daily use, lather, rub and rinse for clean, clear skin.

2. The Toner

After cleansing your face, use a cotton pad to apply Najel Hydrolate with Lemon and Aloe Vera. The hydrolate will remove any chalky residue left by water when cleansing and prepares your skin for moisturizing care. This refreshing toner balances combination to oily skin and tightens pores. It cleanses and purifies skin, leaving a delicate citrus scent.

3. The moisturizer

For the finishing touch, moisturize your skin with Najel Moisturizing Cream. This skincare product moisturizes skin while detoxifying thanks to its organic olive leaf hydrolate, a powerful antioxidant. It is easy to apply and doesn’t leave an oily film. Its fine, light texture means your skin isn’t suffocated. This face cream, developed in France in the Najjar Laboratory, guarantees long-lasting hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis for optimal comfort throughout the day.

Alors, prêts à adopter une nouvelle routine beauté ?