Spotlighting the new range of Najel face creams


What purpose and added value?

Najel wanted to bring you the essential ingredient that was missing from your beauty routine: moisturizing cream. These skin care creams are the culmination of many months of work to find the perfect formula and texture, meeting both Cosmos specifications and our own commitment to bring you beauty products which have simple, uncomplicated formulas.

Being more fragile, the skin on your face needs to be treated with extra care and attention. Najel has created these creams to ensure maximum wellbeing for all skin types. And in so doing, has completed its range of facial treatments with two creams: a moisturizing cream and an intense moisturizing cream. The first is suitable for all skin types and the second, for dry and sensitive skins. Their efficiency has been tried and proven: evaluation by corneometry of the creams’ moisturizing effectiveness, after single, standardized application on 12 adults, demonstrated long-term hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis for up to 8 hours after application. The results showed a skin hydration rate of
- +31% after 4 hours and +17% after 8 hours for the moisturizing cream - all skin types, and
- +35% after 4 hours and +25% after 8 hours for the intense moisturizing cream - dry and sensitive skins.

In addition, a use test was also carried out for the intense moisturizing cream to demonstrate its effectiveness on dry skin.
Use test conducted under dermatological control: product applied under normal conditions of use for 21 days, by 20 adult subjects with dry skin - 82% satisfaction rate.

And in terms of composition?

The two face creams are made with the flagship ingredients of the Najel brand: olive oil and bay laurel oil. These creams have been developed in the very heart of the Najjar Laboratory with natural and organic ingredients. Skin hydration is achieved by using fatty substances with intense nourishing properties. The Najel creams use the very best of these: olive oil and olive butter, bay laurel oil, shea butter and apricot butter. And always striving for a simple formula! In keeping with its values, Najel produces creams that are free of silicone, perfume and mineral oil.

We have not only researched the formula extensively ... but also the texture. After all, the texture, being the first thing you notice, is essential. Carefully blended until light and delicate, the creams can be applied effortlessly with no oily film residue: leaving your skin silky smooth.

Why a fragrance-free cream?

Bringing you creams that are fragrance-free is one of the choices Najel has made. This poses a real challenge because fragrance-free does not necessarily mean odor-free. In fact, some of the active ingredients in cosmetics are not odorless.  Najel made the choice of "fragrance-free" for its new range of face creams to ensure they are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins. “Fragrance-free" limits the presence of allergens coming from perfumes, even when those perfumes are natural.

And how to use them? 

The Najel face creams are intended for daily use. They can be used as a moisturizer, both morning and evening, for the face and neck. They can either replace or be used alongside a plant oil.
As the creams are not scented, they do not compete with your perfume and can slip easily into your beauty routine.

Les crèmes visage Najel sont destinées à un usage quotidien. Vous pouvez les utiliser comme hydratant matin et soir pour le visage et le cou. Elles peuvent remplacer ou compléter l’application d’une huile végétale.
Comme les crèmes ne sont pas parfumées, elles ne font pas d’ombre à votre parfum et peuvent facilement entrer dans votre routine beauté.

To try them is to love them!

                                                                                                                    MOISTURIZING CREAM | 1.7 fl.oz
                                                                                                                 MOISTURE INTENSIVE CREAM | 1.7 fl.oz