Najel’s Daily Beauty Routine


Our Christmas competition is now open, giving you the opportunity to win one of the 4 beauty routines that Najel wants to share with you!
Here are all our tips and advice to get the most out of Najel care products. The daily beauty routine includes an authentic and artisanal Aleppo soap, an olive leaf hydrosol which is a mild antioxidant and a Jojoba oil for skin balance. As its name suggests, this routine is recommended for everyday use. Make it a part of your daily skin care ritual, to leave your skin looking its very best.

1. Cleansing in 2 easy steps


Apply a squirt of Jojoba oil to your hands and work it gently over your face with small circular movements. Remove excess oil and make-up with a warm, damp cloth. 


To remove all impurities from the skin, cleanse with Aleppo soap made up of 5% bay laurel. This soap is suitable for daily use for all skin types and cleanses the skin perfectly yet gently. 

2. The toner

To finish off the cleansing process, use a cotton pad to apply a hydrosol which will completely remove any limescale left from the water and tone your skin. Olive leaf hydrosol is an excellent antioxidant, protecting and soothing the sensitive skin on your face

3. The skin care oil

The last step: plant oil - an absolute must for soft skin! When applied undiluted to your face, Jojoba oil provides a protective barrier against dehydration. It protects and regenerates skin to help prevent aging. Its rebalancing properties regulate the excess sebum of oily skin. Its dry touch (penetrating quickly without leaving an oily film) means you can use it in the morning; it can be applied as a serum before a day cream and, in the evening, it can be applied on its own, for nourished skin when you wake up.

So, ready to embrace a new beauty routine?

ALEPPO SOAP 5% BLO | 7.05 oz
JOJOBA OIL | 2.7 fl.oz