Najel’s Beauty Tips for Your Hair This Autumn

After the glorious, hot, sunny summer, hair can seem dry and brittle. Repeated swimming in the sea and pool have taken its toll. Here, Najel shares its tips for healthy hair this autumn! 


A nourishing care

The essential first step is to nourish your hair. Did you know that Najel’s Tahiti Monoï ® is perfect for nourishing dry hair and restores bounce and vitality?  Made by macerating Tiare flowers in coconut oil, Tahiti Monoï® is a natural treasure trove, full of goodness. Apply as a hair mask to intensely nourish hair and scalp. Its repairing powers get rid of those split ends. Want to try?  Read on! 

For your hair mask, you need:

• Najel Tahiti Monoï®,
• mild shampoo,
• a towel.

The Monoï can be applied on wet or dry hair, as you prefer. Then, wrap your hair in a towel. Leave the treatment on for anything from 20 minutes up to several hours. The trick is to leave the treatment overnight, to really nourish your hair deeply, whilst you’re sound asleep. Then hop under the shower to rinse everything off! The result is stunning: your hair will be smooth, silky and nourished. Tahiti Monoï® can also be used without rinsing: simply apply a small amount to your tips to nourish hair intensely. Avoid contact with eyes during application.

Some more tips for healthy hair:

• Don’t forget to use a mild shampoo to be gentle with your hair,
Exfoliate your scalp to get rid of all impurities,
• Avoid using straighteners, hairdryer and curling tongs that can damage hair,
Invest in regular trims. Off you go! Make a quick trip to the hairdresser’s to avoid the autumn blues!

As well as taking care of your hair, Tahiti Monoï® also has softening, soothing and purifying properties and exudes a gentle, captivating fragrance for use on the face and body.  

Perfect for avoiding the gloom of the new season… 

TAHITI MONOI® | 5.4 fl. oz