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This instruction guide would help you step by step to create and reset your account, or to order on our website. 

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User guide 

I. Create an account for particular client 

N.B. for some technical reasons, we couldn't keep your ancient password, that is why you have to create a new one. Your mail address didn't change, only the password has to be reset. 

To create an account, follow these steps : 

  1. Click on "Sign in" at top right of the screen. In the left-hand column, enter your email address and click on "Create an account".
  2. Tick the box "Professionnal" and fill in the form.
  3. You receive a confirmation email that your account creation is well registered.
  4. Once your request is validated, you receive an email confirmation. 

II. Order

  1. Once connected to your Najel account, discover all Najel range in the horizontal menu.
  2. To order, click on "add to cart".
  3. When you have finished to order, click on "Procceed to checkout".
  4. At the "address" step, please check your addresses and click on "Procceed to checkout".
  5. At the "shipping" step, please read the General Terms and Conditions, accept them and click on "Procceed to checkout".
  6. At the last step, you will find your order summary. After checking your order, choose your payment method and follow the given instructions.
  7. When the payment is effected, you receive an email confirmation.