Desert Date oil

Unknown virtues

Scarce in the market, Desert Date oil has various benefits! Najel makes you discover this fruit with unvaluable cosmetic properties.

Najel Desert Date oil is extracted from a unique cold-pressing of the seeds of the date palm (iboraghan or aboghar). The Desert Date Palm is a tree that comes from which grows in tropical Africa, on the edge of the Sahel Desert. It is a hardy tree with long, deep roots allowing it to withstand the drought of the desert’s arid soils. The golden oil extracted from the seeds of the date fruit is a strong emollient.


A beauty elixir for dry hair 

Najel wants to share with you its beauty secret for nourished, revitalized skin and hair. This precious oil, very dry to the touch is used undiluted as a day and/or night care to protect your skin without making it over oily. This care, adapted to all skin types, leaves on your skin a delicate nutty note. It is also recommended for hair care. To restore suppleness and vitality of your hair after winter, Desert Date oil is ideal as a hair mask to apply from hair roots to the tips.

This organic care will become an essential product for spring !

DESERT DATE OIL | 2.7 fl.oz