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  • Traditional Aleppo Soaps

    Aleppo Soap has been manufactured for centuries and is the ancestor of Marseille soap. Aleppo Soap is made exclusively with virgin olive oil and bay laurel oil, two precious oils which give it its many virtues. Each year from late November to late March, production of the world’s first hard soap starts over again following an unchanged process. Discover the traditional and ancestral know-how of Syrian Soap-masters. 

  • Enriched Aleppo Soaps

    Najel offers a full range of enriched soaps, all molded from genuine Aleppo Soap.

    These Aleppo Soaps, enriched with plant oils and floral waters or scented, will lavish your skin with natural goodness.

  • Aleppo Liquid Soaps

    Benefit daily from all the qualities of Aleppo Soap but in liquid form. Aleppo Liquid Soap is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for washing hands, body and hair. All Najel Aleppo Liquid Soap products are made in France with organic virgin olive oil and bay laurel oil.

  • Shampoos

    Najel shampoos are formulated from Aleppo soaps. Najel has incorporated a mix of organic plant extracts to let you choose the best shampoo according to your hair type.

    All shampoos contain Chamomile for a healthy scalp and to bring shine to your hair. 

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Showing 25 - 34 of 34 items